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Our Community

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One step at a time, One day at a time.

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The MBFCC Parent/Caregivers Community Group offers a safe private chat for parents and caregivers to support each other day and night. We have created a flourishing, confidential talk space where parents can share, seek support, support each other, plan meet-ups during the clinic and hospital stays, and so much more. We also host in-person events for parents and caregivers and their children. Our private chat is through the GroupMe App. We understand that not all families want to chat and post their intimate information online.


At MBFCC, we connect you with a large community of parents and caregivers who are currently walking through the same thing as you. They get it and they are committed to mutually supporting, encouraging, and talking with you 24 hours a day through our GroupMe app platform. Cancer does not follow a 9-5 timeline. At MBFCC there is almost always someone up and available. We never want you to be alone. Receive encouragement from someone who personally understands because they are or have experience the cancer journey with their own child. Most of all meet friend you never thought you would meet!


To participate in our community, please submit a request below. A member of our community will reach out to you to join. The GroupMe App is available to download on iPhone and Android phones.

25% of the proceeds go to MBFCC

Items are nonrefundable.

"Being in the Mama Bears support group means not walking this path alone. We never imagined being in a situation with a child being diagnosed with cancer, but we are not alone. There are other Mamas that have been through what we are going through and are there to support us along the way. When my world fell apart, I met a Mama Bear that was there for me. She listened to me, she reassured me that everything would be okay, she told me it was okay to break down and cry and she also told me it was ok to be scared and have anxiety everyday! They are there to support and give me the strength I needed. Every time I needed advice or just to vent, I would message someone in the group. I met other Mamas that identified with me and we became the friends we never imagined. The support, love, and dedication we get from the group is amazing and I am so grateful to be walking this path with people like them because they care, they are there to listen and cheer us on all along the way and until we are out of this nightmare. Thank you Mama Bears for all the love!"

- Edna

"No matter what, we are checking in and making sure each of us is moving forward. We'd take turns carrying each other on the hard days and dance with each other on the good days. I seriously would not have made it without them."

- Sara

"The Mama Bears are the support I needed. I remember walking into the hospital being afraid and feeling a sense of negativity. I remember trying to explain Ryan’s disease to people without medical knowledge. I remember feeling lonely. My husband said I wish they had support groups here. A couple of weeks later I got a note from a Mama Bear. She heard about our baby boy and she decided to reach out. Immediately, I reached out to the number. We talked and learned about each other’s kids. I started communicating with the group and my husband asked if they had a guy's group. Immediately, we had a dad's group and the boys started to chat. We, my husband and I, started praying for all the bear cubs on the floor and at home. That changed the way I felt during the hospital stay. It was nice talking to someone who understood cancer. It was heartwarming to know others' cases who are successfully battling the disease. I believe there are good people In the world and these mamas are the proof. It makes me look forward to being back on the PEDS floor, I look forward to familiar faces and sometimes a hug. It’s a community feeling. You are NOT alone in this fight. It has also prompted me to ask myself, how can I help others like I have been helped? Kindness is contagious. Mama Bears have helped my family get through this hard chapter of our life and for them, I am truly thankful!"

- Carmen

My daughter was diagnosed with ALL-B in January 2022. When we found out she had leukemia, our life changed forever. There was so much information given to me, that I had no idea what to do. On January 28, we had our 1st clinic visit. I was anxious, but I met Amanda and her son and I was introduced to other moms and dads that were going through the same things. I don’t think I would have survived alone. I can message mama bears at any time, and someone always responds. I gained great advice and learned from moms who have been in my shoes before. It’s great to have such a great support system; mama bears have become family to me in this ride to curing my daughter from ALL-B. 

- Nav

"Mama bears have been there for my mom in ways I cannot and I am forever grateful for that. As the sibling I am able to help in many ways; however, the level of emotional support Mama Bears provides is unmatched."

- Brittany

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Our Angels

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MBFCC is honored to walk beside families through both the celebratory moments and the devastating ones. At MBFCC, we are committed to navigating through this journey together at every single moment. It is an honor to support our families and walk arms linked together, not just now, but for a lifetime.

Ashley Tapparo

Our fearless and incredibly brave warrior, Ashley, precious daughter of our VP Sara, spread her wings and became a painter of the skies on June 6, 2022

Ashley battled Ewings Sarcoma three times in her 18 years. She was first diagnosed at 9 months old. She was 17 when she rang the bell a second time last year and she rang the bell for a third and final time in Heaven.


Ashley is described by those closest to her as selfless, kind, humorous, sassy, kind and strong. Ashley was a talented artist, often lending her talents to creative gifts for others and contributing to the Kaiser Roseville fantasy walk throughs. She was the creative visionary for the Spring into Paris walk at the pediatrics unit at Kaiser Roseville, which allowed her art to fully come to life for all to enjoy. Ash loved bringing a smile to everyone she met. Her kindness brought so many of the warrior kiddos in our community together.


If you look up and see a beautiful rainbow or stunning sunrise, think of sweet Ashley and the incredible gift she was to us all.

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